Funway Holidays


Flights and hotel accommodation must be booked at the same time with a minimum of 2 passengers to be eligible for the scheme. Cancelled bookings can be included provided a full deposit has been paid. The MoneyCard loyalty scheme cannot be combinable with any other incentive and any head office agreed centralised incentive amounts will be deducted from the above earnings scheme. Flight only and land only bookings are excluded from the MoneyCard loyalty scheme.


Norwegian Cruise Line Bookings

From 30 September 2019, Norwegian Cruise Line bookings are not eligible for MoneyCard rewards. Please contact them directly if you have any questions. 




MoneyCard tour operators will pay the travel agents employees applicable tax and National Insurance and are registered with HMRC under the Third Party Award Scheme. Each individual MoneyCard tour operator partner is responsible for paying the travel agent the agreed monetary amounts related to their specific incentive payments. Each individual MoneyCard tour operator cannot be held accountable for other tour operator payments to cards.

HMRC Third Party Award Scheme numbers:

Funway Holidays - 27288

Basic rate tax and NI is paid on all incentives, if members earn enough to go into a higher tax bracket, is it their own responsbility to declare this to HMRC.

Privacy Policy 


How we collect information

When you register for MoneyCard we collect important information (clearly labelled on the registration form) including your agency name and other details. We use this data to ensure you receive your payments for bookings made on the MoneyCard scheme. For example we will send your email including a link to redeem your rewards to the email address you registered with. We will also use the address you entered to send you a physical MasterCard if this is the option you choose.  

How your information is used

The information you provide to us as part of the MoneyCard registration process is confidential between MoneyCard and yourself, we will never share this data with any third party companies. Your details are stored are stored securely on a password protected system which can only be accessed by authorized MoneyCard staff. 

Third parties

We will never share any of your data with any third party companies outside of MoneyCard.

Opt-out policies

You may opt out of the MoneyCard loyalty scheme at any time, please email with your details and we will immediately remove your details.