Welcome to MoneyCard! Please rest assured if you were previously registered for MoneyCard you will automatically be transferred to the new MoneyCard scheme

  • Please note we no longer automatically send out physical cards with our new MoneyCard scheme, our new enhanced redemption site provides you with the option of choosing between a virtual card to make purchases online or a physical card to use in store

  • Physical cards are only available if you have earned over £25 - there will also be a £5 cost for a physical card

Collecting your rewards and redeeming them onto one MoneyCard


  • The new MoneyCard is a single use product, although we have put in place an option to add your incentives up and redeem them onto one MoneyCard rather than multiple MoneyCards

  • The 'save for later' option on our redemption site is available when  you click within the link to your reward and create your profile on the ‘prepaiddigitalsolutions website, for further information please refer to the MoneyCard userguide which you can access from the following link

  • The 'save for later' option is useful if you are due to receive more rewards in the coming months

How to claim your MoneyCard Reward


  1. To begin earning your rewards for the bookings you make, please ensure you quote your MoneyCard ID which is sent to you when your first register, if in doubt please email Hannah at Moneycard@funway.co.uk

  2. Each time you make a booking we will log your reward and you will then need to wait till you receive a statement with rewards you have earned as this will have a promo code on the booking which is what you now need to log in to your account

  3. The email containing a promocode to your reward will be titled ‘ Your MoneyCard Reward Has Arrived’ with a link in the body of the email titled 'Access Your Card', please follow the instructions in the user guide to redeem your reward/rewards onto a  virtual or physical card dependent on the rewards you have earned.

If you forget to quote your MoneyCard ID at time of booking

Should you forget to quote your MoneyCard ID at the time of booking, please send an email with the booking reference and your MoneyCard ID to the appropriate operator within 4 weeks of the booking being made:



Once you are due for payment of your incentives you will be receive an email titled ‘Your MoneyCard Reward Has Arrived’, from notification@prepaiddigitalsolutions.com, showing the value of the reward and includes instructions for accessing the card, please click on the button which reads ‘Access your card’ and you will be brought to https://www.prepaiddigitalsolutions.com/

Passwords/Usernames - For log in criteria please access our user guide by clicking here

Please note you will only be able to access your MoneyCard account when you have receive payment for incentives on your bookings.

Should you have any further queries with regards to the MoneyCard please feel free to contact us on 020 8461 6826 or email moneycard@funway.co.uk