About MoneyCard

Why is this scheme different?

This scheme is different to any other tour operator schemes as we give you a MasterCard single use virtual or physical card that you can use in any shop in the UK (or online) to buy goods or services of your choice AND the money on the card is tax free (we pay your tax and NI) so unlike other schemes you don't have to worry about the taxman.

- We pay the basic rate tax and National Insurance and the scheme is fully compliant with HMRC. Other schemes pass on the responsibility to the staff to pay the tax and National Insurance which runs the risk of HMRC investigation, however with the MoneyCard scheme you can be rest assured this is all taken care of.
- Upon registering with MoneyCard, you will be allocated with a member ID which you need to quote when making bookings, simply book and the money will be added to your account the following month. It’s an easy, automated process.
- This is a long term scheme, whereas other tour operators offer short term incentives, you can earn money with MoneyCard throughout the year.
- The MoneyCard can be used for the weekly shop, treating yourself to a new item of clothing or even a holiday! If you choose a virtual card this can be spent online or linked to a smartphone wallet application such as PayPal to use in stores. A physical card is spent anywhere in-store or online everywhere MasterCard is accepted.

- Remember that MoneyCard is a single use card (the amount on the card will be clearly stated on your virtual or physical card) so once you have received your card, please spend your money.

How to register
To register for the scheme, you simply need to fill out a short form providing details of the travel agency you work for. You will also need to provide your home address for security reasons. Once you have signed up, your details will be verified and your member ID will be allocated shortly. Click here to register

Receiving your rewards
With Funway Holidays just quote your member ID at the time of booking.  Your rewards will be collated and you will receive your promocode email on a monthly basis for bookings made in the previous month. You will receive your rewards via email and must claim your code to spend your rewards.

Take advantage of your hard work and spend, spend, spend!
Have fun using your MoneyCard Prepaid MasterCard at millions of locations worldwide! So you can look forward to using your card to buy clothes, groceries, gifts or much more!

Please note - You cannot use your card to withdraw cash from an ATM machine.

Tax and National Insurance is paid for by us
All partners are registered with the HMRC as part of their Third Party Tax Reward Scheme. We will pay the basic tax and national insurance for you so you don't have to worry. We may inform the HMRC of your details if requested. If your gross annual earnings put you in the higher rate tax band, you may be liable to pay additional tax. The agreement does not allow the MoneyCard to be used at ATM machines for cash withdrawals.

Who is eligible to join MoneyCard?
If you work for an ABTA registered travel agency based in the UK and book through any of the partners, then you are likely to be eligible to join the scheme. Travel Counsellors and TCCT retail agents are currently not eligible to join the scheme. Please check with your head office before signing up to MoneyCard.

If you have any further questions on the scheme please email us at moneycard@funway.co.uk