Welcome to MoneyCard


MoneyCard is a loyalty reward scheme for UK Travel Agents to earn tax free incentives on eligible bookings with Funway Holidays.

Benefits of MoneyCard

  • Choose from a physical MasterCard™ to use in-store or a virtual MasterCard™ to make purchases online

  • All tax & NI is paid on your behalf so there is nothing to declare to the taxman

  • There are no transaction fees or monthly costs with MoneyCard so all you have to worry about is how you spend your rewards! Simply click here to join the scheme and start earning today


How to earn rewards once registered

  • When you make an eligible booking via the call centre please quote your MoneyCard ID and we will log your reward

  • Payment to your MoneyCard will be made one month ahead from when your booking/bookings are made

  • For Funway Bookings made on our Funway4Agents site please ensure you are set up with a unique username for incentives to link to your MoneyCard, to confirm you are set up please use the 'contact us' page

  • For more information and for claiming your reward if you have forgotten to quote your MoneyCard ID please click on the link 'How the MoneyCard works" 

To access the MoneyCard user guide please click here

For any MoneyCard enquiries please contact us on 020 8461 6826 or email moneycard@funway.co.uk

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